Gray Parallelogram Shaped House – House Kempeneers by Klaarchitectuur

Parallelogram isn’t usual shape for the house. Mostly architects use more simple forms combined from rectangular blocks without acute angles. Although House Kempeneers which is situated on the beautiful site in Belgium is designed not as usual house. Klaarchitectuur created beautiful gray colored house in the middle of green landscape which sits non-perpendicularly with the street like other houses in the neighbor. Its ground floor took 350 square meters of the site while the second floor is only 120 square meters but with the terrace from where owners could see the whole neighbor. Combination of floor to ceiling glass windows and doors in steel frames with gray bricks make the house quite minimalist and modern outside. The interior continues these tendencies and also is very interesting. There is only necessary furniture so nothing distracts from its features like stairs without the frame. [Klaarchitectuur]