Round Wall Mirror With Original Lighting – Perito Moreno by Iris Design Studio

A very original round wall mirror is offered by Irish Design Group. It is named Perito Moreno Vanity Circle and has been inspired by the south American glacier of the same name. This mirror attracts by its very interesting design, which not looks like any usual mirror. The mirror surface is decorated by 12 pyrex glass imitations of half of normal light bulb. When they reflects in the mirror they create an intriguing look of virtual whole. Through these artificial bulbs 12 built-in halogens could perfectly light any room, and because of that this mirror could be used as a wall mount lamp. It could become an ideal addition to any hall or enrich your bathroom design. In any case this original interior object could add an unique touch to any apartment. More information about this decorative wall mirror you could find on Iris Design Studio.