Rectangle And Round Glass Top Dining Tables – Mille by Bonaldo

If you want durable, modern and elegant dining table then models with glass top could became an ideal solution for you. Usually these tables look more sophisticated than others and could enrich any interior design as modern as traditional one. When designers create glass top tables they usually try to make their product interesting by creating original bases or legs. For example we have posted about the collection of dining tables with very creative stone legs. Now we are pleased to show another more refined variant of such tables. This is Mille by Bonaldo – amazing model with transparent or acidated glass top. Its base is the main its feature which consist of not one or four legs, but lots of legs. Its top is supported by more than ten steel cylindrical legs and available in rectangle, oval and round shapes. Thanks to large selection of sizes you could find the right table for you family. If you like these modern dining table then you could visit Bonaldo site and get all information about it.